The Start of it All….

Co-Founders Eugene Ahadome (Left) and Jazz Burney (Right) began the journey of It’s Blasé when they met as roommates in the Fall of 2017. Sharing common interest, motivations and ambitions ; Eugene and Jazz pulled together the little resources they had and began the process of building and branding the business.

Unimpressed by what they saw, hint at the name Blasé, and coming to the realization that there were few experiences for them; they both decided to take a leap of faith and launch their own idea of professional networking.

The rest is history in the making…..

Founders Quotes :

“Time is our most valuable asset, it waits for no man, it has no mercy and it ultimately cannot be defined; so we must cherish it always and fill it with limitless memories”
— Jazz Burney , CEO & Co Founder It's Blasé
“Being defeated is only a temporary condition; giving up is what makes it permanent. We should not let these setbacks kill our dreams for the harder the struggle, the greater the reward”
— Eugene Ahadome , CEO & Co Founder It's Blasé

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About It’s Blasé

We Plan, We Execute & We Deliver High Quality Networking events and Experiences for Tech Millennials of Silicon Valley

We are a visionary group of thought leaders, Influencers and tech entrepreneurs. Our primary objective is to come together as a collective to change the way the Bay Area celebrates this thing we carelessly call life.

It’s Blasé is A brand that focuses on quality, excellence and the power of Networking. As the future CEO’s of tomorrow, it’s imperative that we stay ever connected on this journey to the top.


Blasé HQ

San Jose CA, 95125

We are located in the heart of Silicon valley. Home to the biggest tech companies in the world such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Intel, HP, just to name a few.

Over 250 billion dollars flow annually through this area, making it one of the most coveted places on earth to live!


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